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Introducing Elite

Elite is comprised of only the best premium, luxury and SUV vehicles and operators. Elite has two vehicle classes, known as; Elite and Elite +.

Existing vehicle classes are being renamed. The new classifications shall be designated as follows;

  • Standard is now; Fare
  • We've added standard SUV known as; Fare +
  • Premium is now; Elite
  • SUV is now; Elite +

elite pricing
elite + pricing

Driver Referrals

Once you're on board be sure you tell your fellow professionals about Elite before they hear about it from somebody else. Make $25 for every driver you refer that completes 10 trips. Help your fellow drivers out:

  • Have them install the Drive Fare app right away.
  • Download the app here: ridefare.com/drive
  • Show them how to get their documents uploaded.
  • Be sure they use your Fare ID when they create their account.

You can do all this in just 5 minutes, and they can come in to one of our offices and get their inspection done right away. This gets them on the road and gets you paid faster.

Class Acceptance and Class of Service

As an operator within the Elite Network you will have the benefit of being able to accept requests in lower classes, should you wish to do so. That said, if you operate in the Elite class, you may choose to accept Fare requests. If you operate in the Elite + class you may choose to accept Elite, Fare + and Fare requests.

In an effort to keep this level of service commensurate with the expectations of Elite customers, we are "cleaning up" the vehicle classifications. Vehicle inspections and driver interviews will be mandatory and we will be enforcing the following requirements to operate in the Elite class. Please see below.

Elite Driver Requirements

Drivers must meet or exceed the following minimum requirements to operate a vehicle with Elite or Elite +.

  • Maintain a current/ valid airport permit (in city of operation)
  • Always appear clean, neat and presentable
  • Dress professionally (business casual minimum standard)
  • Consistently uphold a superior level of service
  • Maintain a user rating of 90% or above
  • Maintain a cancellation rate of 15% or below

Elite drivers will be held to a superior level of service, including but not limited to; completing a minimum of 85% of accepted trips.  If Elite drivers fail to meet this minimum requirement, Fare reserves the right to temporarily and/ or permanently suspend a driver's account.

Elite Vehicle Requirements

In order to operate in the Elite and Elite + motor classes, vehicles must meet or exceed the following minimum requirements. All vehicles must pass an inspection by Fare prior to approval.

  • Vehicle cannot be more than 5 years old
  • Must have a minimum of 4 doors
  • Must have a minimum of 4 available seat belts (6 for Plus)
  • Must be registered and insured in the state of operation
  • Vehicle must be in excellent condition


  • No noticeable dents or scratches
  • No stickers (beyond TCP numbers)
  • No paint oxidation
  • No visibly repaired components


  • All electronics must work properly
  • Leather seats (no tears)
  • No visible stains or excessive wear
  • Heater and A/C must be operational

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