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Corpus Christi

Please note, the service area for markets we operate in is currently 150 miles. We do not authorize pickups that originate outside of service areas nor do we authorize drop offs that terminate outside of service areas. As we scale and open new markets, the service areas will expand accordingly.

Choose who you ride with.

Did you just ride with an amazing driver? You can prefer and rate them at the end of any trip.
prefer drivers at the end of any trip
Schedule pickups with your favorite drivers too. Tap; "Ride Later" on the Home map screen to open the schedule module, then tap; the "Driver" button to open your list of preferred drivers.
select preferred drivers from the schedule module

Plan your trips like a pro.

Scheduling is a cinch. Just tap; "Ride Later" on the home map screen to open the schedule module.
Fare V2 home map screen
Enter your pickup and dropoff locations and set your pickup date and time.
set pickup date and time
Tap; "Vehicle" to select the vehicle class you want. You can also leave notes for your driver.
set pickup date and time

Get free rides. Not once, for life.

Share Fare with friends, family and your social networks and get free ride credits. Tap: the bullhorn next to your Fare ID to share anytime, anywhere.
Share Fare to ride for free
You get free ride credits every time your referrals ride with Fare. There's no limit to how many ride credits you can accumulate.
When referrals ride you earn free ride credits

see Terms and Conditions for details and restrictions.

Make more money. Keep more of it.

Earn 80% of all your Fares, whether you're operating a Standard class vehicle or a Premium SUV. Our rates are fair, so you make more money. It's simple, common sense pricing that's fair for you, and fair for your clients.

You better believe there is in app tipping.
You keep 100% of all your tips.
Keep 100% of all your tips
See all your daily trip and referral earnings at a glance in the Earnings Menu.
See all your daily trip and referral earnings

Build a book of clientele. Build a business.

Have clients? Keep them and introduce them to Fare. Want clients? Now you can. Fare isn't just an app, it's a business engine in the palm of your hand.

Attract and retain new business just by sharing. Keeping track of your clients and referrals is a breeze with Fare.

Watch your all time earnings grow, sorted by clients, referrals, Fares and tips.
All time earnings

Share your Fare ID, earn 10% for life.

Share Fare and referrals
Your Fare ID is your tool for marketing and growing your business. When anyone joins Fare using your Fare ID, they become your referral for life.

Every time your referrals take a ride in the Fare Network you make money. You receive 10% of all your referral’s time and mileage spending... Every time they ride, whether they ride with you or somebody else, forever.

Share your Fare ID with friends, family, neighbors and leverage the power of social media. Get it all.

Advance scheduling

The Fare app offers scheduling from 30 minutes to 7 days in advance. Used properly, you will make your life easier because you can have your day planned out, as opposed to just jumping online and seeing what you get.

Receive schedule requests from clients and the open network. Below; direct schedule request from a client (left) and an open network schedule request (right).
Fare schedule requests
After you accept schedule requests they appear in your Schedule Menu. Go to the main menu, open your Back Office and tap on Schedule.
See all your daily trip and referral earnings

see Terms and Conditions

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Move to a safe location if possible and/or warn oncoming traffic. Turn on your hazard lights and set out safety flare(s) or warning triangles. Call 911 if the accident is serious or if there are any injuries, regardless of how minor they might be.

Do not admit responsibility at the accident scene or blame anyone else. Do not discuss the scope of your insurance coverage. Discuss the incident only with the police, and Fare’s insurance claim adjuster, if required.

It is wise to report accident information as soon as possible (within 24 hours of incident).

Document as much information as possible, including:
1.) Driver and passenger name(s) and contact information
2.) License plate numbers
3.) Insurance information
4.) Year, make and model of all vehicles involved
5.) Contact information of any witnesses
6.) The exact time and location of the accident
7.) The name and badge number of any/ all responding police officer(s)
8.) Take photos of registrations, insurance paperwork, driver licenses, vehicles and the accident scene.

How we got here

We are transportation and logistics experts and have extensively used ride hailing applications in our travels over the years. Seeing the strides some of the other guys were making and the gaps that could be filled, we just had to get involved.

By getting involved we mean, we chose to become drivers ourselves so we could learn the business from the inside out. Our early assumptions were correct, there was much disparity between what drivers and passengers wanted and what was available.

Almost two years later we launched the Fare and Drive Fare applications. We took great care to include everything we thought was essential and everything you’ve been asking for.

Our Mission

To become the safest, most advanced and effective transportation network company in the country. We want to deliver smart market-driven solutions that create a profitable environment for all drivers and awesome personalized experiences for our riders.
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Fare offers 4 vehicle classes; Fare, Fare +, Elite and Elite +. The pricing and class of service information is displayed below. If you have questions about our rates, we love to talk about them. Just email us at and we'll be happy to share everything there is to know about our pricing.
Fare rates + 2002 or newer
+ 4 doors
+ Up to 4 passengers + 4 bags
+ EX: Chrysler 200, Nissan Altima and Toyota Avalon
+ Receive Fare trip requests
Fare + rates + 2002 or newer
+ 4 or 5 doors
+ Up to 6 passengers + 4 bags
+ EX: Dodge Durango, Ford Explorer and Toyota Highlander
+ Receive Fare + and Fare trip requests
Elite rates + 2012 or newer
+ 4 doors
+ Up to 4 passengers + 4 bags
+ EX: Cadillac CTS, Mercedes E-Class and Jaguar XJ
+ Receive Elite and Fare trip requests
Elite + rates + 2012 or newer
+ 4 or 5 doors
+ Up to 7 passengers + 4 bags
+ EX: Cadillac Escalade, Lincoln Navigator and Chevy Suburban
+ Receive Elite +, Elite, Fare + and Fare trip requests
Zero Tolerance Policy
Fare takes great care to ensure the highest levels of safety and reliability. As part of our pledge to you and your community, Fare enforces a ZERO Tolerance policy regarding intoxication in any form by a driver operating and or using the Fare app.

If, in the unlikely event, you believe a Fare driver to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, please request the driver pull over to a safe location and end the trip immediately.

Once you are safe and out of the vehicle, please make any applicable notes in the "Comments" section of the "Fare Summary" page or contact Fare at or call (480) 454-1828.

Your safety is very important to us. Therefore, we ask that you notify us immediately of any violation of this policy so that we may take appropriate action.

Committed to safety and your Fareness,

The Fare Team
Driver Requirements
Below are some of the requirements for independent contractors to drive for Fare, including but not limited to;

1.) You must be 21 years of age or older

2.) Must speak English

3.) Must own a vehicle that meets or exceeds the vehicle requirements
See the vehicle requirements for more details

4.) Must consent to and clear, a full MVR and background check
See background check requirements for details.

5.) Must have a clear and valid driver license in force for at least 1 year

Yes. Ride Fare, LLC maintains commercial auto liability insurance coverage during Stages 1 and 2 and 3 (as noted/explained in the diagram below). As per your signed driver agreement, our coverage extends to also cover independent drivers while actively using our App in one of these three stages.

insurance offline
insurance stage 1
insurance stage 2
insurance stage 3
Fare Insurance Acord - Stage 1 Fare Insurance Acord - Stage 2 and 3
Vehicle Requirements
Below are some of the vehicle requirements for independent contractors to drive for Fare, including but not limited to;

1.) Fare and Fare +; vehicle must be 2002 or newer. See Elite requirements here.

2.) Must have 4 or more doors

3.) Must have a minimum of 4 passenger seat belts (not including driver)

4.) Must have a clean title (no salvage or encumbered titles)

5.) Must pass a certified safety and maintenance vehicle inspection

6.) Must have fully executed vehicle registration

7.) Must consent to annual safety and maintenance vehicle inspections

Access Requirements
Please review the accessibility requirements below. If you are allergic to animals and or are unable to provide accessible rides for passengers, please contact right away.

1.) A driver may not refuse service to a person(s) with an accessibility requirement(s);

2.) A driver may not charge a higher fare for a person(s) with an accessibility requirement(s);

3.) A driver may not refuse service to a person(s) with a service animal(s);

Background Check Requirements
Safe and reliable transportation solutions are our top priority. With that, we require all contract drivers to authorize a full background check. This includes a clean motor vehicle report be referenced prior to account activation. In some cities, fingerprint background checks are required.

Below is a list of all reports that may be requested and reviewed prior to contract driver account activation:

Motor Vehicle Report
Pulls driving records to reveal any violations.

SSN Validation
SSN validation confirms the Social Security Number is valid and identifies both the state and the year of issuance. This search also covers the national death index.

Sex Offender Search
This searches sex offender registries in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Any known sex offender matching the candidate is listed, with identifying information, as well as details of the offense(s) depending on the state or reporting jurisdiction.

Global Watch List
This searches various US and international government watch lists, such as the Office of Foreign Asset Control, Interpol and Specially Designated Nationals.

National Criminal Database Search
The national criminal search is a multi-jurisdictional search that encompasses numerous sources. It includes national security sources, numerous federal databases, and arrest and criminal data from various local, county and state agencies.

County Criminal Search
This report will perform county criminal checks for all counties returned for that applicant over the last 7 year period. This includes convictions, pending cases and dismissed records.

Federal Criminal Search
The Federal Criminal Database search can reveal cases involving fraud, embezzlement, tax evasion, kidnapping, and more on the federal level.
Marketing Guidelines
The Marks (which include our logo, among other things that help identify our products and services in the marketplace) shall not be altered or misused in any manner, and upon termination of this Agreement for any reason, you shall promptly remove and cease all use of the Marks.

As further explained in the paragraph above, we will provide you access to and the right to use our logo, slogan(s) and trade dress or marks (together “Marks”) in any effort to market or promote the Services, including placement of identifying signage on or in the vehicle(s) you will use in connection with this Agreement, but you must adhere to our style guide requirements in the use and presentation of our Marks and refrain from alterations to the Marks of any kind. Doing so is important to us to maintain the Fare brand, and to you and us to ensure proper recognition and mutual benefit from your and our respective marketing efforts.

Click here to view our style guide.
Driver Cancellation Policy
If we notice your cancellation rate reaches 25%, we will temporarily deactivate your account for a minimum of 24 hours. We understand that cancellations do occur but our new policy does not condone a high cancellation rate. You will then need to meet us at our office for further training on how to minimize cancellations.

Once you have completed the additional training, we will reactivate your account. If you continue to trend at or above a 25% cancellation rate after the initial training, you will be deactivated for 7 days. During this time, we will be available for more coaching and training on how to avoid future deactivations. Once the 7 days is up, we will give it one more shot. If at that time your cancellation rate is above 25%, we will have to make the decision for permanent deactivation.

As the app and user experience improves, we will be lowering the 25% threshold. Until that time, we hope that you are taking care of the passengers that you are committing to.

If you are experiencing issues with the app or need help getting started as a driver, please reach out to or "Submit an Issue" directly through the Drive Fare App.

Cancelling trips affects other drivers' ability to accept trips and it also greatly affects the passenger experience.

In order to re-activate your account, you will have to meet with a Fare Advisor. Contact (480)454-1828 to schedule an appointment with an advisor.
More FAQ
How do drivers get paid?
1.) Drivers earn 80% of all Fares, calculated as follows: 80% x (base fee + time + mileage)

2.) 100% of all gratuities. Yes, there is an in-app gratuity option!

3.) Stay active and you receive a 10% override on all your passenger referrals' time + mileage spending that sign up using your Fare ID, whether they ride with you or another driver in the Fare Network.

How do I become a Preferred Driver?
Provide great service and share the Fare app with any passengers you want to drive again. Any time a passenger adds you to their preferred driver list, you become their preferred driver. This also makes them one of your clients. NOTE: Any time a friend of a client joins Fare using one of your clients’ Fare ID, you are automatically added to their preferred driver list and they become your client too!

Can passengers schedule trips with the Fare app?
Yes. The Fare app allows passengers to schedule pick-ups anywhere from 30 minutes to 7 days out.

Does Fare offer On Demand service?
Yes. On Demand functionality is always available anytime in the Fare app.

Is there surge pricing?
During peak hours Fare may increase rates to a set flat rate that is high enough to service increases in demand by keeping drivers on the road. All price increases will be clearly displayed in the app and must be agreed upon by riders before requesting a pickup.

Are there any passenger incentives?
Absolutely. Any time a passenger tells a friend and they sign up using their Fare ID they become the referring passenger’s referral. Passengers receive 10% of all their referrals’ time + mileage spending in the form of ride credits.

Does Fare charge cleaning fees?
Yes. Depending on the situation we charge reasonable and fair cleaning fees that can range from $25 up to $150. Please take this into consideration when you’re trying to be responsible and travel safely.